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At Drew Estate they concentrate on one thing only; making the most exotic cigar blends in the world. Drew Estate got its humble start by developing a house brand for its retail location at the World Trade Center Mall. “It was made by Antonio Almanzar, a master roller, from his small store called La Rosa on 30th Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan,” says Jonathan Drew says.
“It was an instant hit at our store, and the blend was different than all others at the time, as we used a Cameroon binder that really added a level of sophistication. With our entire booth packed in the back of our rented van,

enough smokes to last us the trip down, and barely enough gas money to get back, Marvin and I drove our entire booth down to the 1997 RTDA Show in Orlando. And thus began the formal birth of Drew Estate.”

The two young men Marvin Samuel and Jonathan Drew formed a close bond as fraternity brothers in college and left promising careers in law and finance to dive into the cigar industry. Since the inception of Drew Estate in 1995, Drew and Samel have forged a partnership that has yet to be afraid to step into uncharted territory in the cigar industry. In fact, the risks they have taken would seem foolhardy to some. But, their belief in their ideals and each other gave them the conviction to forge ahead against all odds.

“Most cigars have tobaccos from between one and three different countries. Four countries is pushing it, and five is unheard of. We blend tobaccos from up to 12 different countries in some cigars. Countries like Turkey, Haiti, West Africa, and even Louisiana in the U.S. create wonderful, rich tobaccos that are mild, yet extremely complex, but until now have never made their way into premium cigars.”

While maintaining their respect for the age old methods of rolling cigars, Drew Estate has brought a wave of new energy and creative inspiration to the cigar industry and to its own blends that have culminated in its immensely popular cigar lines, which include ACID CIGARS, Natural, Ambrosia, Subculture, Industrial Press and La Vieja Habana. In less than a decade, Drew Estate has grown from manufacturing cigars in a second-story shop on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan to producing millions of cigars each year.

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